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Hinds’ commitment to wellness continues with new fitness trail

Posted by Cathy Hayden on Wed, Jul, 15, 2015 @ 11:07:00 AM

Since I’ve been working at Hinds Community College, the college has demonstrated a commitment to the health and wellness of employees and students.

Just within a few years, we added two wellness complex facilities (one at Raymond and one at Utica) that are open to not only students and employees but also the community as well. Click here for more information.

We also had the Biggest Loser contests several years for our employees. My co-worker Tammi Bowles won the contest one year.

Since January, the college has been tobacco free at all six locations. That process took several years to achieve but was led by our college wide Associated Student Government.

As a college, we have participated several times in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, raising money but also asking our students and employees to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

One of the recent ventures has been the addition of a fitness trail on the Raymond Campus over the summer.

The one-mile trail encircles the Raymond Campus tennis court and soccer fields and winds through the disc golf course next to Joe Renfroe Stadium.

It opened to the general public in early July and was financed by parts of a $202,000 wellness grant from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mississippi. The grant funded other Hinds efforts in 2014-15 aimed at promoting better health choices, including health fairs and nutritional lectures.

Besides the health benefits of walking, the trail has three places where people can work out their muscles doing push-ups, sit-ups and more.


 A handful of people, like counselor Katie Murphy, have already discovered the fitness trail.

I’ve taken a couple walks on it myself, although I would recommend trying it early in the day or late in the day in mid-July or August.



But it does have plenty of shady spots that help relieve some of the scorching heat.


And the gray crushed gravel is pretty comfortable to walk on, much to my surprise.


If you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle and looking for a good place to walk, come join us at Hinds Community College's Raymond Campus.

But maybe not at midday in July!


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Poole Instructs Students In The Pool

Posted by Court Truelock on Wed, Feb, 13, 2013 @ 08:02:00 AM

In addition to a Fitness Center and two basketball courts, the Hinds CC Raymond Campus Wellness Complex features a swimming pool available to both students and non-students. The pool, built in the early 1970s, is located in the very back of the complex near the coaches’ offices.

hindscc poolDon Poole, director of the Fitness Center, runs the show while overseeing the pool duties as well. Students that are enrolled in a swimming class do not have to have a gym membership in order to swim in class. However, any student that wishes to swim after class hours is required to purchase a 50 dollar gym membership. Poole was a very competitive swimmer in high school, which inspired him to become a certified swimming instructor, where he began teaching in the Northeast. At Hinds, Poole teaches several swimming and lifeguard training classes.

“I strongly encourage students to take a swimming class, I love working with the students and improving their skills,” Poole said.

An average of 20 members uses the pool every day. The pool hours vary from day to day, depending on how many members decide to swim. “We usually have a good mix between adults and students that swim every day,” Poole said.

Wardell Jackson, a sophomore at Hinds, is currently taking a beginning swimming class that Poole teaches.

 “Coach Poole swims exceptionally well and he holds us to high standards while we are in the water with him,” Jackson said.

Poole is a highly qualified swimming instructor who enjoys sharing his knowledge and providing the dos and don’ts.

More information about the Wellness Complex can be found on the Hinds website.


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Staying Well

Posted by Lauren Cook on Wed, Dec, 05, 2012 @ 11:12:00 AM

It’s the season of giving, y’all…but we may be giving each other more than anticipated. The influenza and cold viruses are rampant this time of year, especially for those of us living and working on a college campus, or in other high-traffic locations. Below are some tips I’ve collected through the years to help stave off those icky germs!

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Wash your hands, DUH!

Think about how many things we touch throughout the day…Other people’s hands, door knobs, microwaves, keyboards, and any common use items. These are easy ways for germs to transition onto your body, so lather up as often as possible with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. When soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer.

Don’t touch your face.

The eyes, nose and mouth are entry points for bacterial and viral germs on your hands to get into your system. Be aware of how often you rub your eyes, bite your nails, and scratch your nose.

Stay calm.

Stress lowers our immune systems, so make sure you are eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and staying as stress free as possible during the flu season.

Go for a walk.

Exercise reduces stress and enhances immune system function. Get out there!

Stay away.

…From people who are already sick. Try to avoid touching items they have touched or standing close enough to catch airborne germs. If you do get sick, be considerate enough to stay home for several days, even after you are feeling better, because you could still be contagious. Also, if there is a loved one in your home who gets sick, you can still spread the germs to others even with no symptoms. Be aware and be considerate of others.

Bottom line: take extra care of yourself during cold and flu season. If you do come down with cold symptoms, and they get increasingly worse, visit your doctor to make sure you have the correct diagnosis and treatment. 

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