Hinds Community College

Career & Technical Programs

Not all professions require a bachelor’s degree. Instead, career and technical programs prepare you for a competitive job market.

Hinds offers over 70 career and technical program options that give you hands-on training in specific professions.

These programs are 1 – 2 years in length and may result in an Associate of Applied Science Degree, Technical or Career Certificate.

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Our Guarantee

We believe in our programs, and you can too.

Hinds guarantees that employers will be satisfied with our career and technical students' entry-level skills attained in the student's field of study, or Hinds will provide an additional nine credit hours to the student, tuition-free.

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Hands-On Training

Career and technical programs can be one to two years in length. These programs may result in a Career Certificate, Technical Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Our career and technical programs give you hands-on training for a specific profession.

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Career Ready

After completing a career or technical program, you are ready for the workforce! You do not have to continue to a university to complete a bachelor's degree, but that is always an option.

Some Mississippi universities have specialized bachelor's programs specifically for career and technical graduates.

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Nursing & Allied Health

We offer 14 nursing and health related programs on four campuses

Accessible, affordable, quality education with an emphasis on health care careers, the goal of the Health Related Professions program is to prepare competent, caring health care providers. We offer Nursing and Allied Health programs, short term health care courses, and continuing education classes.