Official Source of Emergency Information for the Hinds Community College District

Emergency Information Recorded Line 601-857-3600

Current Emergency Alerts



ALL Hinds CC Locations OPEN
June 7, 2019
12:15 PM
ALL Hinds CC locations are OPEN and operating on a regular schedule  



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Hinds CC
Location Status

Jackson ATC OPEN
Nursing/Allied Health Center OPEN
Rankin Campus OPEN
Raymond Campus OPEN
Utica Campus OPEN
Vicksburg Campus OPEN

Status Descriptions

  • OPEN – All locations are OPEN & operating normally.
  • ADVISORYAll locations are OPEN. The College Community should remain aware.
  • DELAYED STARTLocation(s) will open just at a later time than normal.
  • CLOSEDLocation(s) are closed.
  • EMERGENCYImpending danger or problem. The College Community should take action.


Hinds Community College’s Emergency Alert System is called EagleOne Alert. It is used to communicate vital information to let students, parents and staff know when there is an emergency on or around campus
and what they need to do to be safe.

Hinds CC will use the EagleOne Alert network to notify subscribed parties of those emergencies. In the event an alert must be sent, District Emergency Management personnel will send out alerts through email, SMS/text, and/or voice message alerts. Emergency Management will conduct monthly checks of the system to ensure it is operating properly.