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General Studies

Hinds brings the complete college experience totally online with an Associate of Arts degree. Focusing on general studies, you are prepared to go to a 4-year university to major in almost anything with your first two years of coursework completed!

Business Office Technology

With three different areas of emphasis, the online Business Office Technology program may be the perfect fit for you! Administrative Office Technology, Accounting Technology, Business Management Technology, and Medical Data Technology prepare you to work in the professional office setting by teaching skills related to general office procedures and administrative support.

Marketing Management Technology

The Marketing Management program of study will prepare you for a career in sales, advertising, management, public relations, merchandising, and buying. A career certificate and technical certificate are also awarded within the duration of this program to create a portfolio of credentials upon graduation!

Paralegal Technology

Students are given the opportunity to network with paralegals outside of their personal community to develop high-level skills in current law office software that includes legal research and writing, critical thinking, and public speaking. Graduates usually find successful careers at law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

Information Systems Technology

This program of study produces graduates that are competent, qualified professionals in Computer Network Technology and Cyber Security Technology. Students are well-trained in a variety of hands-on settings such as network technologies, administration and maintenance, cybercrime, confidentiality, and incident response.