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Web Changes

Web Changes

April 2018 Change Log

We are continuing to make changes (some big and some small) to the HindsCC website. Most of our work has been taking place behind the scenes to improve the site's accessibility. And while we have made some big leaps forward, there is still a long way to go.

Here are a few of the changes you may have noticed:

  • We are featuring news stories on the homepage rather than a scrolling list. These stories won't necessarily be updated on a daily basis because we want to give people time to see the best of what's going on at HindsCC! 
  • Pinterest is gone. While Pinterest was great a few years ago, a majority of users have shifted to different platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). It is a tool that no longer serves the goal of our social media team, which is to engage with our community. The HindsCC account is still active for the time being, but we will no longer link out to the account from the main navigation.
  • Pages that have been removed:
    • Employer Partnerships - this page was void of all content
    • Community Involvement - the majority of the content on this page referred to campus life.
    • History - The history of the college is extremely important, but at the moment the last update was in 2007. The web team hasn't been given any content for the past 10+ years. This is bad for a couple of reasons:
      • Visitors to the site see neglected/outdated content and perceive that the college is not an active entity.
      • Search engines see a page that was last touched a decade ago and give it a much lower priority when users search for it.
    • Meet our Recruiters
  • The Admissions Guide has been temporarily taken down by request of Recruiting until the upcoming guide is ready to publish.


If you see anything on any of our sites that need to be updated, reach out to the web communications team and let us know!

Jeremy Cole
Director of Web Communications