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Top Mobile Apps for College Students

Posted by Jil Wright on Mon, Sep, 17, 2012 @ 10:09:00 AM

tablet students   I’m Jil Wright, Director of Web Communications at Hinds. David and I spoke to the Drafting and Design Technology students last week about social media, electronic portfolios, marketing yourself and mobile apps. We had a great time and left with a renewed enthusiasm for what we do. I was also inspired to finish this post on mobile apps that I believe are essential for students.

Hinds Community College has a mobile app and it is being improved all the time. It’s free & available for iPhone, Android & Blackberry. It allows you to search for courses, keep up with Hinds CC news, view calendar events, search library offerings, view video, find contact information, and stay up to date in the event of emergency situations. It is a must have app for Hinds students. You can download the iHindsCC app for your mobile device here.. We encourage you to leave feedback about additional features you would find useful in the comment section below.

    In my opinion, the most essential app for mobile computing is Dropbox. It is a cloud storage service that allows you to save your files & access them from anywhere with an internet connection. The free plan gives 2 GB of storage space. Dropbox integrates with many different mobile apps so that you can save, access and share your digital belongings.

    CloudOn is a free app that allows you to create and edit documents, presentations & spreadsheets with Microsoft Office. If you’re an Office user and own a tablet, this app is indispensable. It works seamlessly with Dropbox and is available for iOS and Android.

    The Evernote app is nice for collecting web clips, images, and text notes for research. It’s really good to use to save anything you’d like to remember or review later.

    New in town? Don’t get lost! As David mentioned in a previous post, we are adding information about each of our six locations to Foursquare all the time. We encourage you to download Foursquare to assist you on campus. Check-in to locations on your campus and add photos and tips to help others. If you need help finding a restaurant, store, or entertainment venue, I suggest Yelp. It provides reviews of locations & allows you to contribute by reviewing places you visit. The YP Mobile and AroundMe apps are great for locating everything from a local carwash to the nearest coffee shop.

    If you need help keeping up with due dates for assignments, check out inClass or iStudiez Pro. These apps have features that include reminders, the ability to take audio notes and more. Both apps are low cost and are incredible for keeping your academic life in order.

    If you’re a visual learner, the free Paper app for iPad or PenUltimate, which costs $0.99, are great for handwriting notes (or doodling). Mindomo is great for creating mind maps on your mobile device or desktop. These apps work even better with a stylus.

    If you’re a student in a visual discipline, I recommend Minimal Folio for iPad for use as a digital portfolio for your work. I love it! It’s  $2.99, but it integrates Dropbox and is awesome for showing graphic work or video to potential employers.

    I hope to add more apps to the list soon. I hope a few are useful. If you have a favorite app, let us know.

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Posted by Jamie Nash on Tue, Sep, 11, 2012 @ 08:09:00 AM

Have you ever been to a new place and had no idea where you were going? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Thousands of incoming college freshmen experience this problem every fall. Thankfully, a new mobile app called FourSquare can help you find your way in a foreign place.

FourSquare is a free, geo-locating app (available for both iPhone and Android devices) that allows users and their friends to explore and share information about new places. Specifically, users can upload photos of locations and provide tips or recommendations for other users. Users can also check-in at locations, discover if people they know are currently nearby, earn badges for check-ins, receive coupons or special discounts for check-ins and compare check-in points earned with their friends. In essence, FourSquare is a fun, interactive alternate to traditional maps and directions.

So how does Hinds Community College use FourSquare? Currently, we are in the process of mapping all six Hinds campus locations. During this process, we are adding multiple photos of each check-in location and providing information about what each building houses. For example, McLendon Library on the Raymond Campus has several comfortable study areas, a coffee bar and a unique Pez candy dispenser display.

Screen Shot 2012 09 06 at 3.55.25 PM resized 600

Hinds Community College is also creating lists for all of our campuses. Each list contains the buildings or check-in locations of a particular campus. For example, the Raymond campus list currently has 49 places for users to discover. These lists will be very helpful for students who can reference them whenever they’d like.

We encourage all students and staff to join FourSquare. When you set up your account, be sure to follow Hinds CC on FourSquare (search for “HindsCC” under users or by visiting https://foursquare.com/hindscc). Additionally, strive to be a good FourSquare user by:

  • Adding accurate information about check-in locations
  • Commenting in friendly, casual language
  • Creating lists of favorite locations
  • Uploading only photos you own of locations you visit
  • Using correct spelling and punctuation when providing tips

 We look forward to seeing you on FourSquare! 

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Social Media at Hinds

Posted by Jamie Nash on Mon, Sep, 10, 2012 @ 08:09:00 AM

Welcome to Hinds Community College’s blog! My name is David Mora and I am the Social Media Specialist for Hinds Community College. I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but I’ve lived in various cities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia throughout my life. I am a proud two-time alumnus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (Film emphasis) and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Southern Miss. I came to Hinds Community College from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia, where I worked as an eLearning Specialist.

Since starting at Hinds CC in July 2012, my goal has been to increase the college’s presence within the world of social media. So far, my progress has been excellent; I post regularly to Hinds CC’s Facebook and Twitter pages. I’ve also created and maintained official Hinds CC accounts on FourSquare, Instagram, Pinterest and Storify. As technology continues to change, Hinds will evolve as well.

Communication within our social media sites is important. The recent events associated with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac highlight the need for right information quickly. Before Isaac reached Central Mississippi, I was able to use Hinds’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to communicate the operating status of Hinds Community College. Being able to receive your questions and comments helps Hinds become a better place. That being said, we want you to be involved in this process!

One of the easiest ways to be a part of Hinds social media is to use the Hinds CC hashtag: #hindscc. Whenever I post updates to Hinds Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/HindsCC) or upload photos on Hinds’ Instagram (http://www.gramfeed.com/hindscc) from my mobile phone, I always use the #hindscc hashtag. Using #hindscc also allows us to view your Hinds content. For example, during graduation, we use our Storify account (http://www.storify.com/HindsCC) to document the events of the day with our content as well as social media content from those who use the #hindscc hashtag.

Hinds Community College also uses social media as a tool to help our students. Our Pinterest account (http://www.pinterest.com/HindsCC) contains several virtual pin boards focused on healthy habits, student involvement opportunities and general college success tips. Hinds has also established a FourSquare account (http://www.foursquare.com/HindsCC) to help new students find their way around campus via a virtual map. Lastly, the Hinds CC Facebook page  (http://www.facebook.com/HindsCC  provides students with important updates and general Hinds community news.

We’ve created this blog to provide information and tips to the Hinds Community. Topics such as academic programs, campus life, online netiquette, professional development opportunities and much more will be covered. If there is anything you want us to cover, please let us know!

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                          Hinds Community College's Joe Renfroe Stadium at Sunrise

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