Tech Checklist: How to STAY CONNECTED!


Hey Hinds Family! Alexis from the IT Dept., bringing you more info from the Tech Checklist. The checklist is very beneficial in increasing your awareness of Hinds’ tech tools.

In this posting, you will learn how to stay connected!

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Keep Up With Your College Expenses & Financial Aid

In the past, if you were to have any questions about your financial aid status, you would have to personally go the financial aid office to get anywhere. With the newest feature that has been applied to my.hinds, a student no longer has to do this unless there is something you believe is incorrect about what you see.

As of this semester, students can click on a link titled either account activity or View Statement Balance. After clicking on this link, the picture shown above will pop up on your screen and give you a calculation of charges, payments by you or financial aid, and anticipated financial aid. If your final number is negative, that shows that you more than likely have that amount coming back to you during reimbursements (split into four refund dates if you do not have any charges after that time).

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2012 College Freshmen

Every year since 1998, Beloit College has released their "Mindset List" around the beginning of the Fall semester. The list is meant to reflect the way incoming college freshmen view the world. I always find the info interesting and entertaining, even if I don’t agree with every characterization and even though each new list makes me feel old.

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