Students exhibit major creative talent

Hinds Community College students who may or may not major in art, take courses in photography, ceramics, drawing, 2-D design/printmaking, graphic design, 3-D design and painting/mixed media classes andproduce work each year in their respective courses, then choose what they think is their best work to be exhibited it at the Marie Hull Art Gallery located on the Raymond Campus and entered in a contest. An outside juror comes in to judge each piece and choose winners in each category as well as overall or best-of-show pieces of art. But the winners are not the only works of art that are worthy of awe. You might like some of the talent more than the ones picked out for awards. You be the judge. Below is a sampling of just a few of the submissions to the show. I don't want to give away all of the surprise here. Come on over to the Marie Hull Art Gallery and see for yourself what Hinds has to offer in the way or talent and courses to nurture the inner artist in you. Some pieces are for sale, so you might just find yourself filling that space in your home that just needs the right artistic touch to complete your look.

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The Marie Hull Gallery Hosts The Work of Chatham Meade Kemp

Chatham Meade Kemp's art exhibit will be displayed in the Marie Hull Art Gallery on the Raymond Campus of Hinds Community College through Friday, February 22, 2013.

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Peggy Brent leaves a legacy in teaching, the arts

On the desk in my office on the Raymond Campus is one piece of college memorabilia that is not “Hinds.” It’s a gorgeous glass candy dish – red, white and blue with the M in the middle for Ole Miss.

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Katherine Denton Art Building & Marie Hull Gallery at Hinds in Raymond

A few weeks ago, I was walking around the Hinds CC Raymond campus and stumbled upon the Katherine Denton Art Building. Since I’ve always enjoyed creating and viewing art (photography is my favorite medium), I decide to go into the building and explore. As I walked through the hall, I noticed the walls were filled with several student sketches. Continuing on my journey in the building, I entered a classroom where students were molding clay into pottery. I watched the students as they took ordinary pieces of clay and transformed them into extraordinary bowls and vases. I was taken aback at the level of precision and care that goes into making pottery. It is certainly more difficult than it looks to produce smooth, professional looking pottery.

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