The Beginning of my Freshman Year

Hey yall! My name is Megan Ware. I am a freshman here at Hinds in Raymond, I just started this semester. I am going to be in the Ms. Hinds Pageant January 30 and I am also gonna be a cheerleader for this up coming year. I graduated from Mendenhall High in December of 2012. I am very country but I also like to dress up for stuff. I am going to college to be a Physical Therapist.

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Peggy Brent leaves a legacy in teaching, the arts

On the desk in my office on the Raymond Campus is one piece of college memorabilia that is not “Hinds.” It’s a gorgeous glass candy dish – red, white and blue with the M in the middle for Ole Miss.

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To Everything, There is a Season...

It's that time of year again, you know, the one of leaves falling and students contemplating their next moves. I have the bittersweet feeling of letting go, preparing myself as students move on to other courses, teachers, paths, just as I have truly begun to know and appreciate their diverse personalities. This time of year, I find myself meandering across campus in the early a.m. light and considering more than what I will cook for dinner later.

Instead, I mull over what to say to my students, especially as the semester approaches its closing with some of them considering withdrawing, perhaps even giving up completely. I can relate to those feelings of frustration and almost resignation. When I was an undergraduate at Mississippi State, I too had those feelings of being in a rat-race of papers, exams, responsibilities, bills, social events, family drama, work schedules. The list goes on. In fact, I withdrew the spring semester of my sophomore year. First of all, I was facing the dilemma of changing my major from Secondary Education to English, but that decision was not even remotely as stressful as knowing that my father was near death in a hospital bed of UAB.

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