20 Random Acts of Kindness: College Campus Edition

Many of us are guilty of spending far too much time in front of a computer screen or staring at our phones and not connecting with what’s going on in the real world right this very moment. I know I am! Take some time this holiday season (and afterward) to do a few random acts of kindness. It may make someone’s day, and you’ll be surprised how many times that person is you!

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Too Cool for School?

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If I Could Write a Letter to Our Students...

I have heard Brad Paisley's "If I Could Write a Letter to Me" at times, and I have told myself that I would do just that one day. I would go back in memory to what I was like as an undergraduate student and think of my mishaps, poor judgments, my inconsistencies, and my daily habits that were probably some of my teachers' pet peeves.

Did I even know the difference between an undergrad versus a grad student at the time? Did I know how important it was to get to class on time or to use a salutation more formal than "Ay" in an email to my instructor? Did I realize how easily I could frustrate a financial aid employee by again phoning to ask when my refund would arrive or how I could aggravate my English instructor by proclaiming that I made straight A's in high school when she (how dare she!) gave me a C on my first essay?

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