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"Back off Baby" - Some insight on how an unplanned pregnancy can affect your college goals.


Stay Focused on That Goal

As the end of this semester here at Hinds Community College wraps up, I am thinking about the many things I need to do as I am looking forward to my last semester here as a part-time student. As I have said in one of my past bogs,   http://hub.hindscc.edu/blog/bid/360775/My-Latest-and-Possibly-Greatest-Challenge I am one of those adult students who has gone back to school after many years of working. It has taken me a couple of years, but if all goes well, after the dreaded college algebra class (that I am taking in the spring,) I should be able to walk across that stage in May with my Associate's degree! So of course I am thinking about what lies ahead, and what I need to do to stay focused on my goal. Maybe these tips will help others who are transitioning to a four-year college as an adult…or at least maybe they will help me stay focused!                     


Tailgating the Hinds Way

Tailgating at Hinds Community College may not be the same as tailgating at a university, but it’s still tailgating. For this blog I decided to show a bit about how much fun can be had at a Hinds CC tailgating. This season Hinds decided to have some special events before each home game. So no matter who you are, or when you went to Hinds, or what you did there, there was a tailgate for you!