The Beginning of my Freshman Year

Posted by Megan Ware on Thu, Jan, 31, 2013 @ 14:01:00 PM

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Hey yall! My name is Megan Ware. I am a freshman here at Hinds in Raymond, I just started this semester. I am going to be in the Ms. Hinds Pageant January 30 and I am also gonna be a cheerleader for this up coming year. I graduated from Mendenhall High in December of 2012. I am very country but I also like to dress up for stuff. I am going to college to be a Physical Therapist.


Well, it’s the second week of my first semester at Hinds CC! I was super nervous about moving into the dorm and I honestly kept putting it off until the very last day! I do wish I would have moved in the day before so I could go around and search for my classes instead of being in a panic Monday morning! I know it has only been two weeks but….. so far, I am LOVING it! I have made some new friends and I have a great roommate named Danielle! It was extremely scary moving into a dorm and sharing it with someone I had never met before, but I guess it was time for me to come out of my shell! I have gotten to experience new things and a whole new life such as, it snowing over night, meeting new friends, getting the hang of stuff and even getting lost on campus! (OOPS!!)  I was terrified of being late to some of my classes or even forgetting I had a class that day but, it’s not like that at all! I am actually early to my classes and I have somehow remembered where each class is! The teachers and classes have been really great. 

I had a great time meeting all of the cheerleaders and getting to know them, and I am so excited about getting to work out/cheer with them! It’s going to be very exciting!! Cheering is my thing and I am so happy I get the chance to do it in college!

We had our first dorm meeting Wednesday night and to me it was very nerve racking! But, I did get to meet some of the other girls in the dorm and we even played a little game with our names. I have a great RA on my floor,Tessa, and it’s also her first year at HCC!

Me and One of the cheerleaders
After several days of deciding if I wanted to be in the Ms. Hinds Pageant, I finally decided to do it! Luckily, I have some wonderful friends that are helping me prepare for it in this short notice! There are only five girls in it- the bad thing is that I have to talk on stage… (Totally NOT my thing!) It seems like it’s going to be fun! 

The people here are hilarious, especially in my Government class, non-stop laughing in there!
I am looking forward to the new friendships that are still to come and also to see where my classes will take me! I feel pretty amazing about my grades this semester, so who knows I might be the next president!  Haha, just kidding! But for real, HCC really does have some great things in store for me! I can feel it now!