My College Experience

Posted by Megan Ware on Thu, Feb, 14, 2013 @ 08:02:00 AM

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Do you see yourself in college? I have had people say that I was not going to make it to college, but I clearly proved them wrong because I am blogging about being here!

Coming to college has got to be one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Not just for the education, but for another view on life, meeting new people and being involved in things. The classes have truly been great and it is a really friendly environment. The food here has also been wonderful. Sometimes I eat by myself, but I am sure that will change! You don’t really care about who you are eating with when you are starving. I promise, I have been there! I am truly blessed to have the friends that I've met here. They are really nice and super funny! I am so glad I am involved in cheerleading here and I think it is good for students to be involved in something so they can meet new people!

I would have not been able to come to college if it was not for the Pell Grant I received! The Pell grant awarded me with the money I was eligible for and it helped so much! It is also good to get scholarships of some kind because whatever your grant does not pay for, your scholarship can. There are so many scholarships you can apply for these days it is unreal! You can never apply for too many. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity and assistance to come to college without paying hardly anything out of pocket!

As a Freshman, I have to say that college is WAY different than high school, and honestly I love college a lot more than I ever liked high school. It's is a lot more peaceful than high school could ever be.

In college you get to choose what classes you want and when you want them, you have the choice of whether you want to live on campus or not, the cafeteria food is a lot better than high school food (and you also have more of a variety to choose from!), you can get a work study job on campus if you're eligible AND get paid for it (like I do!). I really enjoy it! It has been such a fun experience!

All in all, in college you have more freedom than in high school. You don't have to be from around the college to go to school there. The people and activities are really enjoyable. Having the chance to meet other people from all over and not just in the school district is wonderful because then you get new friends and you get to know them and soon they become your best friends! So far, there seems to be no such thing as drama in college (well, I haven't experienced it yet anyway!!).

So with that being said...I am loving my college experience so far and am so glad to be here!

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I have made a wonderful friend that lived down the road from me while I was in highschool but I didnt know her then because she didn't go to my school, but now she does!!