Behind the Scenes at The Miss Hinds Pageant 2015

Posted by Melanie Boyd on Fri, Jan, 23, 2015 @ 14:01:00 PM

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Five Hinds Community College students competed for the title of Miss Hinds Community College 2015 on Jan. 22. As the multimedia specialist for Hinds, I spent some time backstage with the five contestants - Anney Pearson, Courtney Helom, Kaylee Scroggins, Shaniva Thomas and Maggie Shoultz, who won the title – as they made their final preparations before going on stage.

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In the basement of Cain-Cochran Hall the ladies get ready for the pageant. 

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Contestant Shaniva Thomas getting ready. 

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Contestants prepare for the Miss Hinds Community College 2015 Pageant.


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Kaylee Scroggins has her friends assist with makeup.

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Courtney Helom, who was named most beautiful at the Eagle Beauty Revue, curls her hair before the pageant. 

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Maggie Shoultz contours. 

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Courtney Helom talks with Miss Hinds 2014 Porsha Gatson. 

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Anney Pearson has help getting ready from her little sister. 

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Maggie Shoultz before the pageant begins. 

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Miss Hinds Community College 2014 Porsha Gatson meets with the new contestants to give them encouragement. 

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"I feel like Cinderella." -Anney Pearson 

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Contestants prepare moments before the pageant begins. 

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Kaylee Scroggins performs a jazz routine to Adele’s “Rumor Has It.” 

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Contestant Shaniva Thomas sings Houston & Carey “When You Believe” during the talent competition. 

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Maggie Shoultz is crowned Miss Hinds Community College 2015.