‘Consummate professional’ instructor looks not for accolades

Posted by De’Shane Frye on Tue, Feb, 13, 2018 @ 11:02:00 AM

In Raymond Campus

Here at Hinds Community College there is an employee who goes above and beyond for his students. At this person’s request, he (or she!) shall remain anonymous.

Hailing from the coast, this person attended a private high school and went on to attend Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Though the person originally majored in business, that would soon change. After two years at the institution, he transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi, graduating with a degree in history in the late 1980s. “I had a great history teacher,” this person stated. “It was because of him that I switched my major over. As far as business is concerned, I did fine, but I didn’t care for it.” He went on to earn graduate degrees in history and philosophy.

As time went by, this instructor began to long for a challenge, so to speak. “I always wanted to work at a community college; that experience had a profound effect upon me and I wanted to do the same for others,” he said. “I first began teaching at Southern Miss. I worked there for two semesters and realized that teaching was for me.”Shane Frye.jpg

This person came to Hinds in 2001as a philosophy/history instructor. “I applied at many community colleges to no avail,” he said, “but was lucky Hinds offered me a position as a philosophy instructor. The subject didn’t matter, I just wanted to teach.”

This instructor does not want a remembrance, but wants to contribute to students’ education. “Colleges are always undergoing changes; professors come and go,” he said.  “I’m trying to do the best job for my students I can. What’s important is that the students are getting a good education that they can take with them throughout their lives.”

A consummate professional and one of the many student advocates here at Hinds, there is no questioning this instructor’s humanity.

De’Shane Frye is a sophomore mass communications major on the Raymond Campus and a student worker in the Public Relations office.