Psychology instructor Dorman dares students to achieve

Posted by De’Shane Frye on Tue, Feb, 27, 2018 @ 16:02:00 PM


Psychology is a subject that one should not take lightly. To pursue a career in the field, one must exude extreme passion and thorough commitment. Luckily for students here at Hinds Community College, the path to that career begins here with psychology instructor Sharon Dorman.

Dorman, a native of Oklahoma, relocated to Mississippi at age 10. A Greenwood High School alumnus, she actually has a bit of background in journalism and music. “I was in band and choir,” she said. “I was also the editor of the school newspaper and that was fun.”

Dorman would then move on to Delta State University, but would soon transfer to William Carey University (formerly William Carey College). After which, she would take a break and work from the comforts of her own home. Eventually, Dorman earned her master’s in counseling. “When I finished my bachelor’s degree, I actually delayed my next degree while I worked at home.”

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As for choosing Hinds, well, let’s just say Hinds chose her. “It just so happened that I got a phone call from the department chair,” she said. “The chair asked if I have any hours in psychology, I said yes, and here I am today.”

Understanding that people are different, and that this course would help one be more conscious of others, she believes that a psychology course will go a long way. “I think everyone can benefit from at least an introductory course,” she said. “It helps us be more welcoming of our differences.”

This year marks Sharon Dorman’s 22nd year as a Hinds instructor. To those who are going into the field of psychology, one must have the passion and commitment. “You really need a master’s degree to practice,” she said. “Choose psychology if you are willing to get an advanced degree.”

An instructor who spurs students on and is curious about their successes, Dorman has a reputation as an instructor who cares and dares her students to achieve.Shane Frye_cropped.jpg

De’Shane Frye is a sophomore mass communications major on the Raymond Campus and a student worker in the Public Relations office.