Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Semester

Posted by Jordan Mitchell on Fri, Jan, 08, 2016 @ 11:01:00 AM

Well, you’re here! You’ve made it! You have finished off the fall semester in a strong way, and the glorious winter break is nearing its end. You’ve spent the last few weeks sleeping late, watching hours of Netflix, seeing old friends, and you’ve had just about as much family time as you can possibly handle. It’s time to pack everything up, turn off the Star Wars marathons, and head back to school. The spring semester is a great time for the students at Hinds CC, and it’s up to you to make the most of it! Here’s a few quick tips on how to make the MOST of your spring semester.

 1) Get organized. The fall semester is a busy one, and it's easy to throw everything into one pile in your dorm room or live out of your car for three months. If you want to have success this semester, being organized will help you get there! It will make your life much easier and you will be able to focus that energy in the classroom!


2) Take a renewed interest in your classes. It's really easy to not pay attention during the first few weeks of classes while you are getting back into a routine. If you do that, you will be stuck cramming for midterms and writing last minute papers causing you much unneeded stress! Start focusing day one, and it will pay off after graduation! Literally!


3) Begin searching for a summer internship. Summer internships are the best way to get a leg up on compeition when it comes time for the real world. An internship is truly invaulable. It gives you professional experience, networking connections, and can possibly even land a job after graduation. The good ones get filled fast, so start looking now! 


4) Make health a priorty. Being healthy is a key aspect of being successful. You need your body to be energized while attending your classes! So invest in yourself. Begin running, hiking, playing frisbee, just do SOMETHING! The wellness centers at Hinds CC are a great tool for students to stay in shape. Intersted? Check it out here! 


5) Attend a career fair. Career fairs are a GREAT resource for college students to make connections with potential employers. It's a day set up all about YOU finding a job. So put on your Sunday's best, and get out there! Jobs are waiting for you! 


6) Read and write, often. The most successful people in this world love to read, and they write consistently. College is the best time of your life to sharpen both of those skills. So, set a goal! Maybe read one book a month, or blog once a week. It will help you tremendously after graduation and you will constantly be learning! 


7) Spend some time working on something outside of your major. I understand that your major is probably something your passionate about, but don't get too overwhelmed with it! Spend some time looking at other professional certifications, picking up a new hobby, or just learning some new skills! It will help you balance out your school work and will keep you from going crazy! 


8) Make connections with your instuctors. I'm not saying be a "teachers pet", but I am saying it is a good idea to form a positive relationship with your instuctors. They have real world experience, and can offer some great advice! There is also a chance of them helping you land a job after graduation, and you'll be thankful for it when the time comes! 


9) Make the most of your downtime. It's way to easy too sleep during your break between classes, but why not take that time and do something productive with it? It will help you get ahead in your classes, and will create positive habits for the future. 


10) Meet new people. There are TONS of people on the campuses at Hinds CC, and college is where you make the relationships that will last for a lifetime. Get out of your shell and start to get more involved! If you do, you're guaranteed to make new friends and enjoy your time much more. After all, spring break is on the way. Did I hear someone say road trip with new friends? 


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