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Hinds Students Spend Spring Break 2013 in England

Posted by Christi Reynolds on Thu, May, 09, 2013 @ 09:05:00 AM

Hinds Leadership and Business students took advantage of a ten day travel abroad opportunity to England. Students and faculty departed for England March 7 and returned March 17.

Hinds Community College and Bridgewater College have been sending students and faculty members back and forth for nineteen years and look forward to many more successful exchanges.

Students sat in on classes at Bridgewater, had fun shopping in London, and attended a play of their choice. In addition to tourism, students also had fun in the remake of their own version of the Harlem Shake upon Glastonbury Tor.

Below is a recap of this year's study abroad trip to give you an idea just how much this trip is worth the deal offered to us at Hinds.


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The Beginning of my Freshman Year

Posted by Megan Ware on Thu, Jan, 31, 2013 @ 14:01:00 PM

Hey yall! My name is Megan Ware. I am a freshman here at Hinds in Raymond, I just started this semester. I am going to be in the Ms. Hinds Pageant January 30 and I am also gonna be a cheerleader for this up coming year. I graduated from Mendenhall High in December of 2012. I am very country but I also like to dress up for stuff. I am going to college to be a Physical Therapist.


Well, it’s the second week of my first semester at Hinds CC! I was super nervous about moving into the dorm and I honestly kept putting it off until the very last day! I do wish I would have moved in the day before so I could go around and search for my classes instead of being in a panic Monday morning! I know it has only been two weeks but….. so far, I am LOVING it! I have made some new friends and I have a great roommate named Danielle! It was extremely scary moving into a dorm and sharing it with someone I had never met before, but I guess it was time for me to come out of my shell! I have gotten to experience new things and a whole new life such as, it snowing over night, meeting new friends, getting the hang of stuff and even getting lost on campus! (OOPS!!)  I was terrified of being late to some of my classes or even forgetting I had a class that day but, it’s not like that at all! I am actually early to my classes and I have somehow remembered where each class is! The teachers and classes have been really great. 

I had a great time meeting all of the cheerleaders and getting to know them, and I am so excited about getting to work out/cheer with them! It’s going to be very exciting!! Cheering is my thing and I am so happy I get the chance to do it in college!

We had our first dorm meeting Wednesday night and to me it was very nerve racking! But, I did get to meet some of the other girls in the dorm and we even played a little game with our names. I have a great RA on my floor,Tessa, and it’s also her first year at HCC!

Me and One of the cheerleaders
After several days of deciding if I wanted to be in the Ms. Hinds Pageant, I finally decided to do it! Luckily, I have some wonderful friends that are helping me prepare for it in this short notice! There are only five girls in it- the bad thing is that I have to talk on stage… (Totally NOT my thing!) It seems like it’s going to be fun! 

The people here are hilarious, especially in my Government class, non-stop laughing in there!
I am looking forward to the new friendships that are still to come and also to see where my classes will take me! I feel pretty amazing about my grades this semester, so who knows I might be the next president!  Haha, just kidding! But for real, HCC really does have some great things in store for me! I can feel it now!

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Nostalgia: Toys

Posted by Lauren Cook on Mon, Dec, 10, 2012 @ 20:12:00 PM

Nostalgia, noun:  a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition.

For me, Christmas brings about the most nostalgia, specifically remembering waiting [not so] patiently for Santa to bring gifts during the night, and being so excited to see what new toys I had received. Toys, to my eight-year-old self and friends, were the reason to live. I would start making my list months in advance, watching commercials and taking notes, marking the catalogue with a red crayon, trying in vain to narrow my list down to a reasonable number.

I can still remember the handful of toys that made my youth, and, in my opinion, are some of the best ever made. What was your favorite?

10) Legos

 describe the image

From pirate ships to construction sites, legos let my brother and I build things we saw in movies and in our imaginations. And as I recall, they were one of the only things that would keep my little brother quiet for more than five minutes. The only con to this toy was stepping on that piece you lost in the middle of the night… ouch!

9) Finger paints

describe the image

This is a parent’s worst nightmare, but a rite of passage for every child. I remember mom strapping on that smock, spreading out the paper on the sidewalk, and letting us go to town. Without finger paints, it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out that all the colors mixed together make a really ugly brown.

8) Play-doh (burger builder set)

describe the image

For some reason, making the play-doh squeeze out into yellow ribbons looked exactly like French fries, and the press that made the hamburger patty seemed like pure genius. I’m glad my aspirations for a career of making fast food meals passed with the play-doh phase.

7) Barbie

describe the image

It’s cliché, I know, but it wouldn’t be right without her. Simply put, I was obsessed. Barbie had it all… a huge pink house, a hot man, a T-top corvette, and shoes in every shade of the rainbow. Plus, I could cut her hair without consequences. Who am I kidding, I STILL love Barbie! (Let’s not get into the fact that she gives little girls dysmorphic ideas about body image, ahem.)

6) Talkboy

describe the image

YES! This toy was essential to my I-want-to-be-Harriet-the-Spy phase. And, Kevin McAlistar demonstrated all the capabilities of this apparatus in Home Alone, which made it even more appealing.

5) Skip it!

describe the image

And try not to trip yourself. This definitely helped burn a few calories and improve coordination. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Skip It toy strapped to your ankle, and allowed the user to swing a ball tethered to that strap around to the other leg, with the user skipping over it. Or tripping over it, in my case.

4) Super Soakers

describe the image

The only thing that got us through 100 degree summers with no pool and no beach. We loaded these things up with ice cold water and went to town…

3) Easy Bake Oven

describe the image

Need I say more? It was easy. It baked stuff with a light bulb. It tricked your mom into letting you eat 12 cupcakes. And I wonder why I still have problems trying to bake legitimately.

2) Lite Brite        

describe the image

Simply amazing. There was something about seeing my creation light up in the dark that thrilled me. We made boats, unicorns, Mr. Potato Head, and so much more… And after we had destroyed the poke-through pattern papers, we got really creative.

1)Lisa Frank

describe the image

I know all you guys were jealous of our neon colored golden retrievers, panda bears, ballet slippers and ice cream sundaes. We had sticker books, trapper keepers, pencils, posters, and everything else you can think of. If the inside of your locker was not decorated in Lisa Frank, there was something really wrong with you. I am not ashamed to admit…I still love Lisa Frank stickers and use them to this day. They are brightening up the sides of my office computer! 

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20 Random Acts of Kindness: College Campus Edition

Posted by Jil Wright on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012 @ 12:11:00 PM

If you were waiting on a sign this is itMany of us are guilty of spending far too much time in front of a computer screen or staring at our phones and not connecting with what’s going on in the real world right this very moment. I know I am! Take some time this holiday season (and afterward) to do a few random acts of kindness. It may make someone’s day, and you’ll be surprised how many times that person is you!

Here are a few ideas for Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) that can be done on a college campus or in the local community.


  1. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life that you haven’t see in a while. Yes, on real paper. No, not an e-mail. Compose a real life piece of snail mail and send it to someone.
  2. Create and print some inspirational flyers to hang in your dorm or on campus. You could use quotes on kindness or motivational reminders, google for ideas.
  3. If you see a member of our military on campus, stop and thank them for their service. I saw a young man carrying a military dress uniform across campus this morning. Hinds Community College is a military-friendly campus and we have many students who have (or are currently) risking their lives for our country. A smile and a thanks are just small things we can do to show our appreciation.
  4. Bake cookies for your neighbors or your floor in your residence hall.
  5. If you’ve got the cash to spare, order pizza for a night class (just not on a test night).
  6. Standing in line? Let someone go ahead of you.
  7. Leave quarters on laundry machines or taped to vending machines for the next person who comes along.
  8. If you have a car, help out someone in your dorm who doesn’t.
  9. Visit a local nursing home and take some friends with you.  Ask an elderly person about their memories of the community, read to them, play some music.
  10. Give directions to someone who looks lost on campus. You were in their shoes once.sevenly steve jobs quote
  11. It’s cold, give up your parking spot to someone else. Walking a bit farther won’t hurt you.
  12. Call the animal shelter and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. You can make home made treats for animals, or go help out.
  13. Study with someone after class. There’s always someone who needs a little extra help, it may be you. Offer to tutor in the subjects you do best in.
  14. If you’re buying Christmas gifts, support businesses in your local community. If you do buy online, check out stores like Sevenly that donate part of their proceeds to charity.
  15. Have some nice clothes that don’t quite fit anymore? Donate them to organizations that help the homeless get back in the workforce.
  16. Give gift cards to strangers. There are tons of people in the community and on campus who’d appreciate a gift card for a meal.
  17. Ask a good question every day in one of your courses. It will help you understand the content better and help someone who may be too shy to ask themselves.
  18. We have some great student bloggers here at Hinds CC! Take a moment to leave a positive comment on one of their posts. Apply to share your student experiences with new students. You may want to blog about all the Random Acts of Kindness you’re doing.
  19. Leave a thank you card for someone who works on campus. It may be a janitor, a faculty member, someone who helped you with financial aid, anyone who has helped make your life better.
  20. Check out kindness apps like We&Co or sites like beremedy.org and share ideas you like in the comments.

I hope this season is wonderful for everyone. Spread some cheer today and every day. As Plato famously said, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

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A Step Back In Time: Civil War Reenactment

Posted by Danielle Creel on Thu, Nov, 08, 2012 @ 15:11:00 PM

Most people who move to the little town of Raymond don’t realize that it is sitting on hallowed ground. It’s hard to believe that 150 years ago, Raymond was a battle field. This battle of Raymond would pave the way to Vicksburg and the famous, fateful battle that occurred on the Mississippi river. Imagine the men in uniform, the ground shaking from cannon fire, and the sound of cavalry. Sounds pretty cool, right?

This past October, Friends of Raymond sponsored a national level re-enactment of the 1863 Vicksburg Campaign! The perfect place to experience the civil war ambience and watch history unfold, the Raymond Military park become a weekend home for hundreds of cattle, re-enactors, and civil war vendors. Over the course of a weekend, four historic Mississippi battles were reenacted to commemorate (not to be confused with celebrating) the 150th anniversary of these battles. I had the opportunity to attend two of these battles through the Hinds Honors Institute as a volunteer—I even got an awesome free t-shirt for helping out! And my admission was free. This is one of those times that community service ceases to become service and turns into a life experience you will never forget. Let’s be honest—I did not expect to enjoy this project. Thankfully, I was truly mistaken.

Not only were there soldiers, cattle, and cannons; women came out to support their men in battle! People came from Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and so many other places to transform a plain, regular field into a time warp. We even had men come to play “To Arms In Dixie” and other folk songs to pass time until the battles commenced. Let’s not forget about the handmade corncob pipes! Many of the ladies came shrouded in lacey umbrellas, gloves, and handmade cotton dresses. Even on a hot Saturday afternoon, everyone felt the spirit of the south.

As the battles began, we witnessed cavalry calls, musket fire popping, and rings of smoke bellowing out of the cannons. There were many cannons, each constructed authentically to model a true civil war cannon. They were even hand-painted. My favorite part of the battles (aside from the cannon fire setting car alarms off) would have to be seeing the ornate, handmade costumes and original muskets that people had. One soldier had an original Civil War musket that was used by his ancestors who fought in the war! Whenever the battles ceased, there was an area at the military park set up called “The Cave” where anyone could go to get food, purchases souvenirs, paraphernalia, or home brewed drinks! Vendors were waiting with their kegs full to fill ornate glass bottles with root beers, sassafras fizz, and lemonades.

If you are a history or civil war enthusiast or are thinking about finding a cool hobby, civil war reenactments are the way to go! This was a truly awesome experience, and it’s awesome that being a Hinds student makes this experience especially unique. Look into these kinds of things! It will be worth your time, I guarantee.

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Student Life at Hinds Community College: Fall 2012 Edition

Posted by Jamie Nash on Fri, Oct, 19, 2012 @ 10:10:00 AM

Here's our latest YouTube video on student life at HindsCC! Subscribe to our youtube channel to see new videos as we add them.

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