Hinds Fall 2012 Graduation Is Here! Here's How You Can Participate!

Posted by Jamie Nash on Tue, Dec, 11, 2012 @ 15:12:00 PM

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If you're graduating this semester, congratulations! You've completed the course work for your Associate's Degree at Hinds Community College and are ready for graduation! Listed below are a few important details you'll need to know for your big day! If you aren't graduating this semester, don't worry; you can still participate in graduation festivities (scroll down to find out how)! 

Student celebrating graduation at Hinds Community College!

Fall 2012 Graduation ceremonies will be held on Thursday, December 13th & Friday, December 14th in Hogg Auditorium of Cain-Cochran Hall on the Raymond Campus. Graduation has been divided into 4 ceremonies. Find out which ceremony you'll be participating in as well as information about your graduation speaker by viewing the schedule posted below:  

Thursday, December 13, 2012
PN, MLT, DAT, ST Ceremony - 10:00 am
Associate Degree Nursing Ceremony - 2:00 pm
Graduation Speaker: Dr. David Parks

Friday, December 14, 2012
A-K Academic and Career/Technical Ceremony - 10:00 am
L-Z Academic and Career/Technical Ceremony - 2:00 pm
Graduation Speaker: Dr. Mae Cathryne Jackson

Have family and friends who can't attend the ceremony? No problem! All graduation ceremonies will be streamed via live webcast.

Hinds CC Graduation Collage

Now that ceremony details have been covered, Hinds CC wants everybody to know about another way they can participate in graduation. When updating social media (e.g. posting a status on Facebook, tweeting via Twitter and/or uploading images to Instagram), be sure to include Hinds CC's Graduation hashtag, "#hindsgrad", somewhere in the post. Using this hashtag will allow Hinds CC to view, organize and share everybody's graduation experiences within Hinds CC and its extented family.

Hinds CC has set up a Fall 2012 Graduation Storify page that will be used as a place to experience graduation as it happens. This page will be updated with graduation related social media content before, during and after each ceremony. Curious to see what this page will look like? Check out Hinds CC's Summer 2012 Graduation Storify page to experience what graduation this past summer was like! After you have explored this page, feel free to encourage family and friends to include the #hindsgrad hashtag when updating social media so their content can be also added to Hinds CC's Storify page.

We're excited about Fall 2012 graduation and can't wait for everybody to be a part of this special occasion! Congratulations Class of 2012!

Fall 2012 Graduation