My Latest (and Possibly Greatest) Challenge

Posted by Tammi Bowles on Fri, Feb, 06, 2015 @ 15:02:00 PM

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This is my first blog, and I should probably mention that writing has never been my favorite thing, but I think I am going to enjoy this one. My name is Tammi Bowles and I am going to tell you about my latest (and possibly greatest) challenge.

I have had many in my time — single mom probably rating at the top — but a year or two ago I realized how close I was to being able to retire from my PR position here at Hinds CC and started thinking what I wanted to do when I retire. I started here when I was 20 as the district photographer and more than 22 years later here I still am.  My position has changed a bit recently to PR/photographer assistant. These new duties have been challenging for me to learn and I have really enjoyed them, but that is still not the latest challenge that I am blogging about.

So you are probably wondering when I am going to get to my point...Well, it hit me one day that maybe it was time to finish college. And there it is, my latest challenge, and maybe the most difficult one yet. I started thinking that if I start now maybe I can have my bachelor’s degree by the time my kids GET to college. So that became my goal! I am not sure if I will make it by the time my oldest is in college, but that’s OK. I will get there, sooner or later.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to get my degree in. My first class back after almost 20 years ago was American History. My instructor, Mrs. Brewer, was such a wonderful teacher and was so passionate about teaching that I was inspired almost instantly. A couple of semesters (as a part-time student) later I have no doubt that I want to teach.

My kids (Colby, 13, and Caitlyn, 11) are the reason I want to do this. They have pushed me to study when I didn’t feel like it, or fixed their own supper while I was at night class, or simply said “Mom I am so proud of you for going back to school” (which is far more rewarding than just about anything on this earth!). I want to show them that an education is important, and even though I wouldn’t go back and change anything about my life, I do sometimes regret not finishing the first time around.

I have a ways to go, and am enjoying every moment of it. So keep checking back and I promise to keep you posted on how my latest (and possibly greatest) challenge is going!

 Tammi Bowles