Campus programs enrich students’ experience at Hinds CC

Posted by Evelyn Stewart on Mon, Feb, 20, 2017 @ 11:02:00 AM


As a college student, I wanted to see and know everything that was happening on my campus. I had to be in the crowd and knowledgeable. I attended at least four programs per week. No matter the time or location, I was there!

Participating in school programs and events gave me a sense of pride. The programs were not only informative but also useful in my everyday life. My attendance afforded me structure, planning tools and valuable information.E.Stewart Picture.jpg

Students sometimes need direction. College-based programs can help in figuring out your next step in life. Events and programs can provide information on how to find employment after college, apply for funding or help with being an all-around better person. Taking advantage of such programs could open doors and make way for opportunities that were once unavailable.

Since first employed, I have attended several school provided programs on the Utica Campus. Each, in their own way, was designed to help students be the best they can be in their environments.

At the bottom are some photos from one of those programs sponsored by the 100 Women of Utica, which encouraged young women to value themselves. Go Red for Women  generated more than 80 participants, gave support to cancer research. 

These programs and more set standards for responsibility, success and goals. They are learning tools and road maps for students who may need a little guidance. These programs helped to make me the campus sleuth.

I still want to know all and be in the mix of it all. Fortunately, my new role at Hinds Community College’s Utica Campus puts me in the center of things.

Evelyn Stewart, a Hinds alumnae, is in her second month as coordinator of Public Relations for the Utica Campus of Hinds Community College. You can reach her at 601.885.7074 or