Hinds history instructor devotes extra time to students

Posted by De’Shane Frye on Fri, Mar, 03, 2017 @ 11:03:00 AM


Jason Stewart is a history instructor at the Raymond Campus of Hinds Community College. Having spent more than several years at the institution, he has become several students’ trusted first choice when students are planning out their semester schedules.

A native of Grandbay, Ala., he attended his hometown’s high school, Grandbay High School and went on to graduate in 1998. When it was time for him to choose an institution of higher learning, he chose Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi.Jason Stewart.jpg

“The reason why I started teaching was because of one my instructors during my time at Mississippi Gulf Coast,” Stewart said. “I asked him, in what ways could I do this? What do I have to do in order to be like you?”

With that motivation and advice from his former instructor, he would begin to carve his own successful path as an instructor.

Understanding that an instructor’s job never ends, he is one of the many Hinds instructors who devotes extra time to their students.

“I feel rewarded when a student gets the work and completely understands it,” he said. “It’s even more exciting when they are actively involved in the class. It makes the experience worthwhile.”

This Phi Theta Alpha history honors society member is a valued asset among a well-polished faculty and staff.Shane Frye.jpg

“Our goal here at Hinds is to help our students excel,” he said. “One day you guys are going to have to graduate, we just want to make sure that you are ready for what the world dishes out.”

The Meriam-Webster dictionary states that a spotlight is meant to shine a bright beam of light on a person or a group of people. To Jason Stewart, take a bow, because it is your turn in the spotlight.

De’Shane Frye is a sophomore mass communications major on the Raymond Campus and a student worker in the Public Relations office.