Five Tips for Final Exams

Posted by Jamie Nash on Thu, Dec, 10, 2015 @ 18:12:00 PM

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Need some help making it through your college final exams without having a nervous breakdown? Here are five tips for finals that will help you study more effectively and ease some of that final exam anxiety:

[1] GET ORGANIZED. Managing your time and resources is the most important part of studying effectively. Make sure you have all your notes and materials on hand and ready to go! Time spent looking for study materials is time you could use to study, so get organized.  It is also important to be organized on the day of your exam. Don't forget a pencil, some paper, a calculator or whatever else you will need to take your test.  


[2]  PICK A GOOD LOCATION TO STUDY. Where you study is important!  If you want to maximize the amount of information you retain, pick a good place to study.  Research has shown that studying in places that have less noise and people traffic [like the library or a quiet coffee shop] will enhance your study time and improve your ability to recall information. As they say, "Location, Location, Location!"

[3] GET SOME SLEEP. You might think it's a great idea to stay in the library and pull an all-nighter the day before an exam... think again!  Rest is one of the most critical resources your body needs to study and test well.  Sacrificing a good night’s sleep could actually do more harm than good when it comes to preparing for an exam so hit the sack early the night before.


[4] TAKE A PRACTICE TEST.  A great way to prepare for a test is to take a practice! Practice tests will help you review the information you already know & enhance your understanding of what you're studying.

[5] EAT RIGHT. Choosing the right foods can help fuel your studying and test-taking time, so make sure to stop by Kroger and stock up on some exam-friendly foods. 

  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and keep a high level of cognitive function and energy. 
  • Fruits (like blueberries and apples) help reduce the level of toxins in your bloodstream & improve memory function. 
  • Salmon has high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids and helps increase brain function. 
  • Need a sweet treat? Grab some dark chocolate. It's naturally antioxidant-rich and improves your ability to concentrate.

WANT SOME HELP STUDYING? Hinds Community College students should check out the Learning Assistance Center in Moss Hall on the Raymond campus.  The center offers academic assistance in mathematics, English, reading and more! The services are free and available to all students of Hinds Community College. 

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