Full Circle

Posted by Laura Stevens on Wed, Aug, 12, 2015 @ 12:08:00 PM

There are many things that the phrase “come full circle” can represent… It can be something in your personal life, something you see in your children, or something that happens in your career. For me, it has happened in my career. Let me tell you a little bit about me.


I began college aspiring to be a graphic designer, and study art. In my first semester in college, in a general “Intro to Art” class we had a guest speaker who scared me to death thinking, “I can’t ever make it as a graphic designer.” He warned of how competitive the market was, and explained how you have to be really good to make good money. After that one speaker, I decided to pursue Art Education. Somewhere along the way the “Education” part was going to delay graduation, so I dropped it, and finished from Mississippi College in “Studio Art”. Now what was I going to do with that? I worked here and there, but never gave up my graphic designer dream. I got a job as an intern at an advertising agency and I was sold! So after that year of wandering, I decided to really pursue studying it and I heard that Hinds Community College has a great Graphic Arts program. So I did it! I visited the program director, enrolled, and even became the student worker. I loved my year at Hinds, and learned so much.


I then traveled the world (literally, I lived in India, where I am in photo above) doing graphic design work here and there, but ultimately came back and settled in Mississippi. I never dreamed I would land a job back at Hinds Community College doing what I love – Graphic Design, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. It hasn’t been direct course, has taken many turns, but I feel like I have really come full circle to doing what I love… graphic design.. at the place where I learned my trade.


So just to encourage you… don’t let a salary dictate what you decide to major in., don’t let someone scare you out of studying something just because it seems hard or impossible Shoot for the stars, do what you love! Life isn’t about money, there will never be enough (sorry if this is breaking news to you!). But you better enjoy what you do everyday, because you’ll spend most of your life doing it! And dream big!

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