Game face off...for a moment

Posted by Tracy Duncan on Mon, Aug, 10, 2015 @ 07:08:00 AM

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Sometimes the human side of athletics peeks through.

Most sports photos are taken to capture the heat of competition or height of action during an important play or game. But, sometimes, a photo is taken that catches a moment when the coach or player breaks their game face and posture, if only for a moment, to express an emotion they are feeling as a result of a well-executed plan, a victory or moment of frustration or disappointment. And once in a while, a lens is pointed in the direction of that moment.

Take a look at the non-competitive side of sports, game face off:

Elation after a soccer victory.



Pumping up with team spirit before a football game.

Getting clarification from a game official.


Consoling a teammate after a heartbreaking loss.


Grateful for a great play.


Cheering your team to victory.


Happy to get a great hit in a big game.


Just glad to be coaching soccer.


Thrilled to be crowned the undisputed state champions.


Human face on...

Most sports photography focuses on the game action and what most spectators see during a competition. But sometimes, when the game faces come off, a glimpse of the human side of sports reveals itself.