Hinds CC creates new literary, visual arts publication

Posted by Sarah Teasley on Tue, May, 09, 2017 @ 11:05:00 AM


Over the past semester at Hinds Community College, Rick Melancon’s ENG 2133, Creative Writing I and Sarah Teasley’s ART 1513, Computer Art classes have joined forces to create a literary and visual arts publication. Students from each class brainstormed a list of titles that were compiled and voted on, and thus the first edition of Quill and Brush is born. 

The goal was to create a digital collaboration where creative writers and artists contributed to the same online space. For the creative writer, the task was easy. Throughout the semester, students worked in a variety of forms and genres, such as creative nonfiction, film, microfiction, short story and Spoken Word poetry. These works were compiled in a portfolio of their growing creative writing projects. Students needed to just pick two pieces that showcased their skills in the form while fitting to the confining space of a computer or phone screen. 

For the visual artist, the challenge was to develop a concept that could be conveyed through visual imagery in the form of a digital collage. Importance was placed on creativity and craftsmanship, with students creating their own artwork and/or borrowing visual imagery to illustrate their ideas.

The work below is a sampling of Hinds Community College students’ creativity and talent.

Tironn Talley.jpg

 Artwork by Tironn Talley


Whitney Walker

A Night of Sin

The stranger at my side just watches me,

Eyes black as coal and sin colored lips.

She beckons me although I want to flee

The game she plays to draw me in.

A game of desire, passion and deceit.

My marriage falls apart before my eyes,

For all this time I have made up lies.

She now gets ready to leave this cold bed

Running her fingers through my unkempt hair.

A false sense of comfort that I will pay for.

It's getting harder to take in air.

I might as well be as good as dead.



Whitney Walker

 Your Love Never Dies

For the longest I worshiped your being,

Savoring each word that left your lips

And every breath left me speechless.

Every tear that left your miserable eyes,

Every stifled cry you suppressed.

I watched your lively smile fade overnight

As the glow began to flee your skin,

As the beat of your heart began to slow.

I begged you not to depress yourself

While I knelt at your side on the chilled floor.

I asked you what was wrong,

Your reply nothing more than a soft gasp.

"You are gone," your voice whispered. "You are gone."


 Joy Lawson.jpg

Artwork by Joy Lawson


Keyanna Robinson

I forgive you

 I forgive you

Not because I have to

Because I want too

For all the drunken nights

And fights that I endured

I forgive you

For giving me the dark thoughts that I'd had

For all the self-pity and self-hate I've felt

I forgive you because I love you

I forgive because we're family

I love you and you love me

You have problems but so do I

Because of you I am stronger

Because of you I know not everyone is strong

Because of you I know what self-love is

So I forgive you

Jean Renault.jpg

Artwork by Jean Renault


Marcus Armstrong

Micro fiction-   


When life gives him lemons, he used it to leave his stain on life.


Marcus Armstrong

Spoken word-

No longer in control

I lost control. No longer can I see the difference between a need, and a want. Every year I see a need to update. Why must technology control us? After our hours invested in our technology we still have a need to run back to technology the next day? As we continue our cycle one can’t help but wonder what is happening outside, the outdoors we now left abandoned. The independence we have in our creations to help us is nothing short of the result of a loss of control. In childhood I was given a Nintendo gaming system and told I can escape the world’s problems with my video games until I began to have problems I couldn’t solve in my game as well. As my frustrations grew my aunt taught me to ask if I am controlling the game or is the game controlling me? Can we really say were in control. Are the screens we once used as tools still the tools we can easily control today? Technology is a must at the workplace, schools, home, and entertainment source. Human interaction dies out while computers branch out. Nature stands still while phones travel everywhere. Humans hide out while screens shine out to the human race. If we continue to keep a control on technology we can still grow as a race so let’s slow down, put down the phone, and ask yourself. Are you really in control or is technology controlling you.   

 Octavia Robinson.jpg

 Artwork by Octavia Robinson

Phyllis Kelly

Sleepless Days

Sleepless days and sleepless night.

My mind is in a wonder.

Within the darkness are horrible sights.


My mind is so asunder.

The yelling and screaming I’m so afraid.

The shaking and booming of constant thunder.


Just hoping that all of this is just a masquerade.

This nightmare it scares me.

Of what is yet to be made.


Oh hear my cries and hear my pleas.

I just ask of you to bring the lights.

Just let me be set free.


Sleepless days and sleepless night.

Within the darkness are horrible sights.

 Scentrellis Dixon.jpg

 Artwork by Scentrellis Dixon


Olivia Gainey


  The priest placed the heavy gold and jewel inlaid crown on the new king’s head and smiled down at him. The crown had been taken to the best jeweler in the land for re-fitting; it had been too big for a child to wear.


Hilda had always loved the sound of a train; the rhythmic clicking and the rumble of the engine. She was not enjoying herself this time, though. The unwashed, unfed bodies around her stank as did the car since there was no bathroom. She was hungry and horribly thirsty. Worst of all, they had ripped her husband and son away from her, throwing them onto another train that went in the opposite direction.