Magical night for magical tomorrow

Posted by Evelyn Stewart on Wed, Apr, 19, 2017 @ 13:04:00 PM

The Utica Campus held its second annual Vice President’s Scholarship and Hall of Honors Gala March 31. The goals of the event were to honor individuals who has made tremendous strides in their professional careers as well as raise money for scholarships for potential students. The night was filled with social reunions, music, food and pictures -- lots and lots of pictures.

Sounds from the Russell Thomas Jr. Musical Experience set the room ablaze with sweet tunes of jazz as the hall filled with prestigious faces. State and city government officials, business professionals, doctors, lawyers, you name it, they were there, mingling and toasting the night away, and all for a great cause. As the room filled, I wondered if the attendees knew just how much their contribution mattered. They were giving hope to a student who could not pay for college. They were breathing life into their futures. My hope is that the student recipients take full advantage of the opportunity afforded them from this scholarship venture. I hope that they can see that the gift they have been given is in fact a blessing and that they do something spectacular with their beginning.   

2017 Vice President's Scholarship and Hall of Honors Honorees-1.jpg   Dr. Clyde Muse and Rob J.jpg   Dr. Debra Mays-Jackson gives acknowledgments.jpg

      Vistor Mason and Tracie Jefferson.jpg   Dr. Debra Mays-Jackson with Vice President's Scholarship recipient Curtis Gainwell.jpg   The Russell Thomas Jr. Musical Experience.jpg