Summer time fun...and a learning experience

Posted by Evelyn Stewart on Fri, Jul, 14, 2017 @ 14:07:00 PM


Summer at Hinds Community College Utica Campus features activities to keep incoming students as well as school aged youth engaged all summer long. Programs offered include STEM-UP/College Success Camp, Summer Prep 2017, Praxis Workshops, Summer Health Professions Institute and Sports Camp. The programs provide training and support in areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Arts and Recreation. Incoming students and community youth experienced life as college regulars, spending full days and even living at night, on campus.  Below are a few pictures from our journey this summer!

STEM-UP Academy/College Success Camp

STEM-UP Academy 2017 graduation day (75).jpg  Stem-Up Academy 2017-day 3 (2).jpg  STEM-UP Academy Day 6-Maze Runner (34).jpg

                       Group shot of the summer co-hort                                     Students worked hard in the Math labs                   Maze Runner was used to help rejuvenate students

TRIO/Talent Search/SummerPrep 2017

Trio Talent Search Summer 2017 (1).jpg   Trio Talent Search Summer 2017 (12).jpg  TRIO Tlent Search Summer Prep -Pamela Williams director.jpg

                           Group shot of participants                                                                    Meeting of the minds                                             Program director getting ready for fun



Summer Praxis Workshops 2017

Praxis Group-June 30.jpg    Praxis Summer Workshops (2).jpg   Summer Programs- Praxis Workshop-Yolanda Houston.jpg

                   Group shot of the June 30 class                                                                           Hard at work                                                         Program director preparing for class



Summer Health Professions Institute

Summer Health Professions Inst-Medicial Mall.jpg   Summer Health Professions Inst (17)-roundtable.jpg  Summer Health Professions Inst (28)Keahey and Williams 2.jpg

               Students at UMMC Cancer center                                                          Board meeting...HCC Style                                     Guest speaker w/ Dr. Keahey preparing to present