Video project showcases talent of Hinds CC student

Posted by April Garon on Wed, Sep, 14, 2016 @ 15:09:00 PM


Hi, my name is Macala Washington. I am an 18-year-old freshman and a Mass Communication major.

I chose this major because I was a student intern with Mississippi Public Broadcasting through the Can I Kick It Youth Media Institute for five summers, and it has become something that I am extremely passionate about. While interning at Mississippi Public Broadcasting, I was able to produce documentaries on behalf of my peer group. Being there for five summers helped me to build my skill set and to become a more social person.

During my first week at Hinds, I found myself presented with the opportunity to film my peers for the Public Relations department here at Hinds. I was extremely anxious to show them how well I could perform so I put my best effort forward.



Over the course of my first weeks here at Hinds, I balanced filming this project and adjusting to college life. While filming, I met a lot of new people and saw firsthand why the students here have so much school spirit. My peers were very open to me filming the interactions between them. Some of them even showed me places where I could relax after a long day. I found it refreshing to be in the presence of so many eager students and on such a beautiful campus. After I wrapped up filming I found myself running to edit all the footage to showcase Hinds.

Here is a video of everyday life of a Hinds student and some of the activities that Hinds has to offer. I hope that my peers have great experiences here, as I have, and I encourage them to attend all the upcoming events. Let’s all have an exhilarating, productive year.