Utica Campus teaching duties excel from afar – in Palestine

Marhaba! This past semester, my family had the opportunity to travel to Palestine, spending four months engaged in research and cultural explorations. My wife was the recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching, which provided funding for her to pursue a research project in the Palestinian Territories (and she was able to bring us along!).

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M2M forum a refreshing conversation on race

It’s not often people gather in person these days to talk constructively about education and politics. These days, social media provides something of a safe haven to express one’s views in anonymity (or at least the comfort of being alone with the tech device of your choice) without the apparent hassle of research or basing expressions online in actual life or work experiences.

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Community College MIBEST - Pathway out of Poverty

By Dr. Jesse Smith and Dr. Andrea Mayfield

Mississippi’s economy rises and falls on its ability to put people to work in jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. Yet, one in five working-age (25-65 years old) adults in our state is a high school dropout.  The unemployment rate for recent high school dropouts hovers at 30 percent and most certainly contributes to Mississippi’s low workforce participation rate of 57 percent, the second lowest in the nation. Mississippi dropouts who do enter the workforce are typically destined to low skill, low wage jobs that offer little financial security.

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