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Posted by Jamie Nash on Fri, Jun, 05, 2015 @ 15:06:00 PM

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Virtual and online courses are becoming more and more popular for those who need an education "on-the-go" that is flexible and self-paced. It can be a little scary if you're just starting to look for different online degree options in Mississippi, so here is a little background information about MSVCC and how it all works: 


Did you know there are fifteen community and junior colleges in the state of Mississippi? Dr. Eric Clark, the Executive Director of the Mississippi Community College Board, states “Mississippi’s fifteen community and junior colleges provide the opportunity for an excellent education at a low cost for hundreds of thousands of our citizens... [We offer] university-track academic classes, career and technical skills, workforce education directed toward specific jobs, as well as adult basic education and GED preparation.”  

These fifteen community and junior colleges comprise the Mississippi Virtual Community College that offers more than 2,500 online courses, making it easier than ever to get the education necessary to have a successful career in Mississippi or wherever you want to live! The office of eLearning (a division of the MS Community College Board) works with Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) to ensure workforce training is offered. They work with all fifteen community colleges in Mississippi—including support services, technology, and faculty—to ensure distance learning resources are effectively executed.  


Mississippi Virtual Community College's mission statement: “ provide educational opportunities to constituencies who live within the various community and junior college districts in Mississippi." MSVCC is able to accomplish this by providing classes through advanced technologies.  These technologies (or virtual classrooms) provide access to an education for those individuals who can't attend traditional classes on a community college campus (  So what are the advantages of these "virtual classrooms" and how can they help you? Here are just a few reasons online classes are on the rise: 

  • It's flexible. The ability to learn anywhere, and on your own time, can be valuable when you're juggling work, family or both.

  • Say good-bye to office hours. Online classes allow students to interact regularly with professors and classmates remotely. 

  • Live anywhere. You can still take classes and live in a totally different state. 

Hinds Community College offers nearly 500 online classes every semester through Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC)—all accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Because Hinds Community College works closely with MSVCC, our students have an extensive selection of courses to choose from in order to accomplish their education objectives.

Keri ColeDean of E-Learning at Hinds Community College—commented “We are thrilled to see the traditional walls of higher education becoming easier for our students to climb.  Online learning is opening doors for students who would never have had the opportunity to seek a higher education before.  It allows our students to reach their goals while still balancing their life’s responsibilities.” For additional information, please visit our website:  HCC eLearning

Hinds Community College is Accredited by Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation, Member of Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges, Member of Mississippi Association of Colleges, Member of American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, and a Member of Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC)... so you know you are getting a quality education when you come to Hinds!


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