Stay Focused on That Goal

Posted by Tammi Bowles on Fri, Dec, 18, 2015 @ 14:12:00 PM

As the end of this semester here at Hinds Community College wraps up, I am thinking about the many things I need to do as I am looking forward to my last semester here as a part-time student. As I have said in one of my past bogs, I am one of those adult students who has gone back to school after many years of working. It has taken me a couple of years, but if all goes well, after the dreaded college algebra class (that I am taking in the spring,) I should be able to walk across that stage in May with my Associate's degree! So of course I am thinking about what lies ahead, and what I need to do to stay focused on my goal. Maybe these tips will help others who are transitioning to a four-year college as an adult…or at least maybe they will help me stay focused!                     


First off be sure to get your graduation requirements met. You can find these on the Hinds Community College website under Admissions.


Meet with an adviser in your last semester (or before) or transfer specialist. This will help ensure that you are enrolled in classes relevant to your major that will transfer.

Do your research on four-year colleges if you are moving on to pursue your Bachelor’s. Check out which college has the best programs for your major. Review the school’s transfer application process. Talk to your instructors; they could have some major insight on where you should transfer.


Take a day off work and go to the campus of the college that you will be attending, talk to a counselor, an admissions clerk and a financial aid adviser. Maybe even sit in on a class! (I realize that you might not be able to do this if you are doing online classes at a college nowhere near you, but you can spend some time calling them.)

If you are graduating in the spring, register (before you graduate,) for a summer class (or two) at your four-year college.

After all of the research and talking to advisers, faculty and transfer specialist, you should now know about scholarships, so be sure to apply, apply, apply.


Going back to college as a part-time student is not easy, especially working full time in the PR office and raising two kids on my own, but I am actually starting to see some of the rewards with being so close to graduating from Hinds Community College. I realize that I still have a long road ahead of me. I am still a bit undecided on exactly what I want to do when I reach that goal…either teach or possibly be a counselor for middle school, but I do know that every class I take is a step closer to achieving my dream of being a college graduate!