Take a Walk in “Your Own” Shoes

Posted by Tammi Bowles on Thu, Sep, 03, 2015 @ 16:09:00 PM



Most of my past blogs have been about me going back to school… this one is going to be about something a bit different.

I have shot many graduations during my photography career here at Hinds Community College. A few years ago, at a spring graduation, I noticed the shoes a bit more than normal. Keep in mind that the only thing you can see, on a well thought out outfit, on graduation day, is the shoes! So that got me to thinking (and snapping) as the graduates made their way across that stage to receive that diploma!

At Cain-Cochran Hall, where graduation has been held for many years, if you are the photographer you will most likely be sitting on the front row. This is about eye level with the stage…perfect for taking shoe shots! So here are a few of the many shoes that I noticed that day.

Now I should probably make this blog somewhat helpful for those of you that want to “standout” at YOUR graduation, so here are some tips:

1. Being comfortable on graduation day is a must. You will be walking, standing, sitting, posing and more! If you don’t want to go the sandals route, I suggest finding a pair of wedges that is comfortable to walk in. They will give you support and make your look more dressed-up than flats.                                    


2. Ankle straps are your friends. If wedges aren't your thing, consider looking for a pair of graduation shoes that buckle around the ankle. Ankle strap shoes make your legs look longer, which is great when you're wearing a huge robe. Not to mention, if you're an amateur high heels walker, it can help to have something holding your ankle in place.

IMG_9890 IMG_0177

3. No need to match your shoes to your dress (or suite for you guys). Go crazy with color! It might feel weird wearing shoes that may clash with your cap and gown, but embrace it!

Graduation_Summer_2013__106  IMG_0157_1

4. Heels or not! Doesn’t really matter. If you aren't feeling heels for graduation, ditch 'em and wear flats, sneakers or even boots!

       IMG_0012    IMG_8958    IMG_0159_1IMG_9756

Graduation is your big day, and aside from the cap and gown, you're free to determine your wardrobe. You worked hard to get where you are, so don't let convention get in the way of showing off your style.