It's that time again!

Posted by Megan Ware on Tue, Sep, 10, 2013 @ 08:09:00 AM

In Hinds Community College, Student Life, Rankin Campus

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Well yall, its that time again! School is back in session.

How was everyones summer? Mine was pretty amazing!! I managed to get alot done, but also enjoy the bright sun and cold swimming pools and lakes. I have now made it through my second week in new classes, and a new campus with new faces! I started at Hinds in Raymond last semester, but am taking classes on the Rankin campus now. I must say the Rankin campus is alot different than Raymond in many ways!

Luckily, all of my classes are in the same building for my busy days, and classes on my shorter days are the only ones in a different building. It would have been very stressful trying to walk or drive from building to building for my next class considering they are all back to back. At Raymond, all the buildings were close enough to walk-but not here!

Although I really like this campus, I do miss the cafeteria food at Raymond everyday (as weird as that sounds). Another thing I miss is all the new friends I made at the Raymond campus, but I am slowly making more new friends here at Rankin campus as well.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and I wish the best for your school year at Hinds!