Hinds CC student captures sights of home football games

Posted by Cathy Hayden on Mon, Oct, 03, 2016 @ 11:10:00 AM




By De'Shane Frye

Hinds Community College student

Hello, I’m De’Shane Frye. I’m majoring in mass communications here at Hinds Community College. I’ve known about photography since the tender age of 11. At that age I thought, “Anyone could do this — take a camera, point it and snap a picture.” Which in many aspects is true, but not everyone can “capture the moment.” My older cousin started showing me the in-and-outs of photography at that age, but never gave me a camera. I never truly loved being a photographer — that is until I took my first photo at the age of 22.

I took these photos as an assignment from my instructor. I didn’t think that it would become a photo blog so soon. I Shane_Frye.jpgwas only trying to “capture the moment,” and the way I took these complimented my style as a photographer. It was fun capturing these, and there are plenty more to come, but for now these are my favorites.

In student publications, I want to be known as a “voice” for the student body. What that means is I want to be able to say the things that many feel like they can’t. My main objective, however, is to experience to something I’ve been learning about, but never had the opportunity to truly act on.

The big lesson was once again “capturing the moment.” I didn’t
want to take just any pictures; I wanted to emulate the styles of famous photographers such as Terry Richard, Martin Parr and the late-great Vivian Maier. Their photos are not just pictures, but are what my family calls “silhouettes.” And what we mean by that is beautiful projections of art that capture and free the mind.  So hopefully I created some silhouettes here with my favorites.



Men of Excellence members James and Jordan goof around at the Club and Community Tailgate.



 Jarius Wright enjoys a hamburger at the tailgate.



Students wait in a long line to enter the football stadium to watch the first home game of the season vs. Northwest.


One of the drum majors directing the Eagles Marching Band.



The male Hinds Community College cheerleaders running on to the field with flags that spell HINDS at the first home football game vs. Northwest.



Members of the Hinds Eagles football team watch the action from the sideline.


Students showing school spirit with two minutes to go in the fourth quarter.



Mi’Iyeah Otis (first from the left) and Kerarra Keyes (Middle-Right) with two other friends enjoying the closing moments of the game.



Maroon chalk participants after the run at the Club and Community Tailgate. The chalk throw was sponsered by Hinds Department of Student Recreation.


Three students showing school spirit by wearing the Hinds T-Shirts while preparing to enter the stadium.


Student showing off the Hinds face paint at the student tailgate.



The Hinds male cheerleaders posing for the camera before kick-off.



The Hinds Hi-Steppers leading the parade of band members into Joe Renfroe Stadium before kick-off. In the background, the Eagle band snakes around the field.



Last but not least the tuba section entering the fray before kick-off.



Members of the cheerleading team pump up the crowd during the first quarter.