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Nov. 4 Gala to end Hinds CC’s year-long Centennial celebration with pizzazz

What happened to June, July and August? The summer months flew by for a number of us at Hinds Community College as we worked on materials for the continuation this fall of our Centennial celebration.


Hinds Wellness Complex boot camp next step to fulfill goal

A few weeks ago I wrote about my new goal of losing weight before my daughter’s October wedding.

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Since the day I wrote that blog post, I lost 13 lbs. by watching what I eat, drinking lots of water and working out at the Hinds Wellness Complex.

But then everything stalled. I haven’t gained weight – but the weight loss stopped.

So, in desperation I signed up for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday Wellness Complex boot camp. I started on June 7, missed on June 9 but made it all three days this week.


Hinds CC Wellness Complex helps to fulfill goal

March 2017 has been a banner month for my family. One granddaughter turned three. I finished a master’s degree and will graduate in May. My younger daughter just got accepted into nurse practitioner school at the University of Southern Mississippi. But the biggest news may be that the same daughter is getting married sometime this fall.

For me, that’s plenty of incentive to try to shed some of the weight I have put on in the last 10 years – coincidentally the same time I came to work at Hinds Community College.