Week 1 of classes at Hinds CC in the bag

Posted by Cathy Hayden on Mon, Aug, 22, 2016 @ 12:08:00 PM


By Jade Bishop

Hinds CC freshman

I am delighted to share my experience of my first week at Hinds CC with you. On my first arrival I was already running late and stressed to move in my dorm. Thankfully with the help of several generous Hinds students the move-in was a breeze.

The first day of class was hectic. Finding the building where my classes were was the main challenge. Hinds is a large and extravagant campus with many ways to get lost. The classes were all easy because our main objective was to cover areas of a syllabus. My classmates were friendly and helpful, and the professors were bubbly and energetic.

The second day was a little bit better along with two classes and a dorm change the day seemed to escape me within a flash.

The final three days of my first week at Hinds were much more relaxed. With less business to attend I was able to mingle and really explore the campus. The cafeteria food was great. The only problem I found was the extensive lines, which I suppose I would find at any college campus.


 I am very pleased with the experience I had received from the first week and really hope that everyone else had a week of the somewhat same encounter.