Nurture your creative bent with Raymond Campus writing class

Posted by Rick Melancon on Fri, Nov, 04, 2016 @ 13:11:00 PM


Want to write that novel? How about working as a film director? Is improving your songwriting skills interesting to you?  Or do you just want to write about yourself? Creative Writing offers opportunities to learn more about all those career options. 

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In Spring 2017, I will be teaching 2133 Creative Writing I. It will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This class will provide students an overview of the different genres of Creative Writing, and the students will receive critical feedback to help them on their journey to improve their artistic talents.

Creative Writing introduces students to multiple genres. Beyond fiction and poetry, the class learns about nonfiction and drama. In the drama unit, students will learn the difference between a screenplay and a production script, and they will walk through the steps of movie creation during the preproduction, production, and post production of their own short films.

One of the benefits of the Creative Writing class is the amount of feedback the student gets on their individual pieces. The class will work with you to make your projects better. In particular, students share their work, and in a safe environment, everyone works together to help analyze strengths, give ways to improve, and look at strategies for future writing. The students support each other because it is the process of working together when both the writer and the editor improve as artists.

 As one of my former students noted, “Creative Writing is where I learned to love and appreciate constructive criticism.”

Still not convinced? Not ready to commit to a writing career? Take this chance to write about what you know and to try something new.

Another past student had this to say about the course: “Creative Writing is a way for me to release and express my observations, thoughts, and beliefs in an artistic way.  Taking a class on it grew my understanding of the techniques of writing, which, in turn, strengthened my writing.”

Sign up for Creative Writing 2133 and improve your art.

Rick Melancon is in his first year at Hinds Community College as an English instructor on the Raymond Campus.