Paint & Clay: a peek inside art department classrooms

Posted by April Garon on Fri, Nov, 13, 2015 @ 08:11:00 AM

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos during art classes on the Raymond Campus and would like to share the creativity that is  happening in the art department. Above, bowls made by students line shelves in the ceramics classroom.


Susan Causey proudly displays her project in a ceramics class taught by Sarah Teasley.

Here department chair Melanie Atkinson instructs Drawing I student, Kaitlyn Massie. The assignment was for students to create mass and depth into their drawing while using a non-traditional drawing tool of a rubber stamp.

A close up of a student's hands fast at work in the ceramics class. Hands are the tool and instrument on the pottery wheel.

Austin Hester works on his rubber stamp drawing in Atkinson's class. "The student can use the ink and stamp to build up shadows of texture in an interesting way. The student could then finish up by coming back into the work with a wash of black acrylic paint," Atkinson said.

Student Derion Savoie in the ceramics classroom


Anna Holden begins shaping a ball of clay.

Emily Davis and Keshona Young sketching outlines of their projects. "With this experimental drawing, the student can understand the achievement of shadow vs. light while thinking 'outside the box' with a new media," Atkinson said.

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