"you may now pick up your cap and gown"

Posted by Tammi Bowles on Fri, Apr, 22, 2016 @ 11:04:00 AM

“Congratulations Graduate! Your cap and gown can be picked up at the campus you listed on your graduation application starting Tuesday, April 26 thru Friday, May 6.”


Who knew those words would bring me such excitement!

When I received that email last week, I couldn’t help but smile. And honestly it could not have come at a better time. It was one week after my younger sister had passed away. I needed something to look forward to.

I have blogged a few times about my going back to college. If you would like to see where my journey started go to http://hub.hindscc.edu/blog/bid/360775/My-Latest-and-Possibly-Greatest-Challenge.

I am happy to say that I am graduating from Hinds Community College on May 13. It has been a long road taking two or three classes a semester (while working full time here in the Public Relations Office,) but I have really enjoyed it. I have such great support from my kids, my parents, my boyfriend and my co-workers/bosses.


I plan on continuing my education, starting this summer or fall, working toward my bachelor's so I can someday teach here at Hinds Community College (or maybe middle school; that is still a bit undecided.) I realize I have a ways to go before I am teaching, but everything on this journey is so worth it. When I started back a couple of years ago, I didn’t think this day would actually come. I figured that life would get in the way, like it often does, and I would never get here. I would like anyone who is thinking about going back to school to know that it CAN be done. I am living proof of that. So don’t put it off, take that first step -- because after that first step, it just gets easier.


I could not be more excited about picking up my cap and gown next week. Now all I have left to do is pick out my shoes…you will have to read my blog “Take a Walk in ‘Your Own’ Shoes” to understand what I mean with that. http://hub.hindscc.edu/blog/take-a-walk-in-your-own-shoes

So you can probably realize now the impact that those words had on me. I have been to countless graduations, taking  photos for my department, and I have dreamed about someday that being me. And now it is!