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Checking Your Grades with the Hinds Mobile App

Hey Hinds Family! Alexis from IT, here. This posting will explain to you how to check your grades from the Hinds mobile app.

Didn’t know that Hinds had a mobile app? Well, yes, it’s true: HINDS HAS A MOBILE APP!


Hinds CC student captures sights of home football games



By De'Shane Frye

Hinds Community College student

Hello, I’m De’Shane Frye. I’m majoring in mass communications here at Hinds Community College. I’ve known about photography since the tender age of 11. At that age I thought, “Anyone could do this — take a camera, point it and snap a picture.” Which in many aspects is true, but not everyone can “capture the moment.” My older cousin started showing me the in-and-outs of photography at that age, but never gave me a camera. I never truly loved being a photographer — that is until I took my first photo at the age of 22.


Reporter 101, Hinds CC version: Stay out of the way of the photographer

I have had a fun time this week razzing some of my colleagues. Let me explain.

We had a super event on Sept. 26, a joint event with Empire Truck Sales and Stribling Equipment in Richland. Hinds Community College, represented by our President Dr. Clyde Muse, signed a memorandum of understanding with Empire and Stribling, represented by their CEO Jerry Swanson, to provide training at the Diesel Technology Academy on Highway 49.