‘Dynamic duo’ gets Hinds CC Rankin students off on right foot

Posted by Cathy Hayden on Mon, Aug, 17, 2015 @ 12:08:00 PM

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The second most exciting day at Hinds Community College — after my favorite event, graduation — is the first day of fall classes in August. We get a lot of fresh, eager — and lost  faces ready to start their educational careers. And it’s “all hands on deck” for the entire college. Everyone does whatever is necessary to help.

In my former life as a newspaper reporter, I spent a considerable amount of time covering the first day of classes in the K-12 realm, a lot of times focusing on the cute kindergarteners or the terrified freshmen.

At Hinds, I have spent the last several years visiting our Rankin Campus, in the county where I live, wielding a camera and notepad.  PR colleagues Danny Barrett Jr. and April Garon handled the first day of classes on the Raymond Campus.

But if you happened to be looking for the “dynamic duo” on Aug. 17, I know where they were and what they were doing — helping new students on the Rankin Campus find their classes.

One half of that duo was our new vice president, Dr. Norman Session, whom we stole from Rankin County schools. Dr. Session oversees two campuses, the Rankin Campus and Jackson Campus-Academic/Technical Center.  The other half was Jack Hust, director of physical plant for the Rankin Campus.

The two of them spent their morning figuring out where lost students needed to be and helping them get there. They have honed their skills at reading students’ schedules and pointing them in the right direction.

To learn more about our Rankin Campus see the Hinds website at



Kimberly Measels of Brandon, Session and Hust



Hust and Mary Murphree of Brandon



Hust and Caleb Bradford of Pearl



Hust and nursing student Christiaan Presley of Lena



Brooke Barnes of Pearl, physical therapy assisting major, and Session



Hust and Nicholas Attkinsson of Brandon 



Session, Hust and Taylor Kitchens of Brandon


So the moral to this story is this: If you're lost and wondering where to go, come to Hinds' Rankin Campus and somebody there will point you in the right direction.