The "C" word Gala is now just a fond memory

It was a lot of fun but it is OVER!

That goes not just for what Jackie Granberry calls the “C” word – Centennial – but also the Nov. 4 Centennial Gala.

Hinds Community College spent 2017 celebrating “100 Years of Community Inspired Service,” wrapping it up with a Gala attended by more than 450 people. The proceeds all go toward a Centennial Endowment that will be used for student scholarships, faculty development and other future needs of the college.

Hinds CC Athletes - champions on many levels

In July 2016 I blogged about the Hinds Community College athletic teams and how they historically and continually reach the highest levels of competition in my post HINDS ATHLETES COMPETE AT NATIONAL LEVELS (Click to read previous blog for reference). This article is an update to that post, focusing on championships within the last year or so. Click hot links in maroon text to see more information on that item.

10 Ways to Become a President’s or Deans' Scholar

Just recently in the spring 2017 semester, it was announced that I along with many others made the Deans’ List. Statistically, it was my best semester to date here at Hinds Community College, culminating with a 3.6 GPA. 

Honestly, achieving this feat didn’t come without its peaks and valleys. For example, although I’m a huge fan of sleep, there were many nights where an all-nighter seemed like the only option for a good grade. There are a lot of ways to become a scholar, but 10 ways stand out significantly. So, here are 10 ways to become a President’s or Deans’ Scholar.